Western Sonoma County Historical Society is an all volunteer effort

Western Sonoma County Historical is a mostly volunteer effort from researchers to docents, and the West County Museum and Luther Burbank Gold Ridge Experiment Farm welcome all new members.

There is plenty to do, for instance, in docenting, all kinds of gardening, plant propagation, archival work, databases, historical photography, editorial and writing work, oral history recording, videotaping, and historical research.

Let us know your interests and we will help you find a fulfilling niche.

Volunteer Today

Volunteer Yeti See is splitting weed oak wood for firewood for sale.

Volunteers Tom Pope and Fred Jarvis are sifting compost.

Volunteer Patty Levenberg points out the discovery
of another variety of the Shasta Daisy.

Volunteer Denise Kelly is potting plants for sale.

Volunteer William Edwards is sifting compost for potting plants.