IN CHINATOWN: A Hot Time In Celestial Realms This Week

posted Feb 4, 2012, 8:45 AM by Western Sonoma County Historical Society   [ updated Feb 4, 2012, 8:46 AM ]
Sebastopol Times, January, 1895

Black Eyes, Firecrackers and Criminal Law Suits

At midnight Thursday, the local Chinamen ushered in their new year with all the pomp customary to the time. Firecrackers and bomb shells were exploded and the pow-wowing was deafening.

The white population turned out en masse Friday evening and all made a tour of Chinatown. The Mongolians were not very hospitable this year, as they claim that times are hard, but they give away such presents as they can afford.

Last Thursday evening, while the local Chinamen were having a hilarious time, officer Woodward appeared in the celestial realms and stirred up a little hornet¹s nest. The Mongolians charge that the official demanded the sum of five dollars from each merchant for the privilege of exploding firecrackers. The levy of a firecracker tax being a novelty to the Chinese, they refused to comply with the order.

Ah Lung and Ah Woy took the floor and engaged in a debate with Mr. Woodward as to the legality of his demand. One word brought on another and finally a fistic encounter was in order, the Chinamen coming out second best. The following morning Ah Lung and Ah Woy looked as if they had been run through the mill. They were ³heap very mad² and sword out a warrant charging the officer with battery.

The case will come up before Judge Brown at Santa Rosa next Friday.