West County Museum

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Driving to Luther Burbank's Experiment Farm

If you're driving, turn south onto Gold Ridge Farm at the Bodega Avenue and Nelson Way intersection.

Stay on this street to the top of the hill.

Parking on Bodega Avenue

You're invited to use the parking lot behind the sign with the daisy logo on Bodega Avenue and walk to the Farm. Walk to the west, or to your right as you face the buildings.  You'll pass a Cedar of Lebanon and see the gate to the original entrance to Gold Ridge Farm.

Walk up that path, passing the bamboo, the pentstemon, the thornless blackberries, the Chinese Quince, the lilacs, and you're at the cottage!  Lots of paths to wander.

Luther Burbank Experiment Farm

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Parking at Burbank Gold Ridge Experiment Farm

In addition to a few places to park on Bodega Avenue, there are spaces on the farm grounds with more parking available at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church on Robinson Road.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church provides more parking on the south side of its lot, except on Sunday during services. (See map below)

Self-Guided Tour

Take an orange self-guided tour map that you'll find by the door to the cottage, or in the mailbox on the other side of the building, or on the side of the barn.