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How a Museum Happens

posted Mar 17, 2013, 9:23 AM by Western Sonoma County Historical Society   [ updated Mar 17, 2013, 9:24 AM ]

1980 ­City of Sebastopol formed a downtown parking assessment district to purchase railroad property at South Main Street for parking lot. The train depot is part of the purchase. City of Sebastopol received a County grant to help purchase the depot for specific purpose of it becoming a museum.

1989 ­ Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce champions restoration project to turn P&SR Depot into a museum, wants WSCHS to be included in project.

1990 ­ July 4th, WSCHS previews the Depot and plans for Museum

1991 ­ Lighting and Convenience Outlets Plan Made

1992 ­ WSCHS members start oral history project

1993 ­ July 3rd, Museum Opens to Public

1995 ­ E Clampus Vitis awards plaque to West County Museum

1995 ­ Computer Installation

1998 ­ Reproductions of Depot¹s benches constructed by Stan Buchner, finished by Bill Mathews, installed by Stan Buchner and John Mallere

1999 ­ Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society presents an award of Merit to Western Sonoma County Historical Society for maintaining a railroad archives and P&SR exhibit in 1998.

2000 ­ P&SR roof sign reproduced and installed. Construction and installation by Ralph Henningsen and Bill Bourns